Strategic Advisory

In addition to transaction assignments, Brookwood works with boards of directors, special committees, and management teams on important issues. Our analysis provides a framework for critical corporate decisions – strategic alternative studies, valuations, fairness opinions, and the analysis of complex structures such as joint ventures.

We have significant experience in rendering fairness opinions for Boards of Directors and Special Committees. Brookwood helps directors evaluate complex issues involving potential conflicts of interest, valuation questions, and fairness considerations.

Boards of directors need support in deciding whether to acquire, to stay the course, or to sell. Brookwood provides the analytical framework for these crucial decisions, and we make recommendations based on our extensive experience and market knowledge.

Brookwood assists clients in structuring and evaluating complex joint venture arrangements. We help with key issues such as valuing the various contributions, structuring ownership and control, and negotiating critical business and financial terms.

Featured Client Experiences

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