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Sell Side Services

The market for middle-market companies is fragmented, dynamic, segmented, often global in scope and frequently inefficient. Selling a company effectively is a complex process that requires judgment, experience, market knowledge, scale and focus in order to achieve the optimal outcome.

While there are many similarities between sale processes, each process is unique. We believe that Brookwood’s Thoughtful Attention and global reach offer clients the best opportunity to achieve their transaction goals.

Brookwood’s process for a successful sale includes the following key aspects:

Determine the Seller’s Objectives and Key Transaction Issues

  • Due Diligence – Identify key industry, company and sale process timing issues
  • Financial Analysis – Build robust financial model that demonstrates normalized and projected financial performance
  • Thoroughly discuss client goals

Design and Execute a Customized Sales Process

  • Design a sale process that respects our clients goals and key diligence findings
  • Identify an appropriate list of buyers using our Market Knowledge
  • Implement an effective and efficient marketing program
  • Develop compelling management presentations and assist management in preparing for management meetings
  • Solicit and analyze comprehensive offers
  • Ensure confidentiality

Achieve Optimal Results

  • Analyze Offers
  • Maximize value
  • Design optimal transaction structure
  • Assist with confirmatory due diligence
  • Work effectively with client counsel to negotiate documents and expedite closing
  • Remain focused on client goals throughout the process

We have deep experience working with companies of various ownership types including:

  • Financial Sponsor owned businesses – We have advised some of the most successful and sophisticated financial sponsors. We have had great success providing them significant leverage running tight and effective sale processes, working closely and constructively with the senior management of their portfolio companies and achieving reliable, superior values and terms.
  • Independent businesses owned by entrepreneurs and families – For many independent business owners, selling their business is the most important financial transaction of their lives. We assist independent business owners in structuring processes to maintain confidentiality, presenting their businesses in the optimum way, anticipating key management transition issues and educating our clients about process dynamics so as to minimize risks and achieve the best outcome.
  • Divestiture of business units – The sale of a business unit is often time sensitive and strategically important to the earnings and balance sheet liquidity of the parent company. Divestitures also face complex issues such as presenting the divested business on a standalone basis and structuring transition services agreements for post-closing operations. Brookwood has dealt very effectively with these and other issues common to divestitures.
  • Small capitalization public companies – Brookwood’s Managing Directors have a high level of experience representing public companies and their Boards of Directors.

Sell-Side Transactions