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A subsidiary of TRINOVA Corporation (NYSE symbol TNV), sought to make strategic acquisitions to expand selected segments of its business.

Engagement Goals

On behalf of Vickers Industrial, Brookwood Associates approached and established a dialogue with several promising prospects, assisted in due diligence on selected prospects, and negotiated the structure and terms of the acquisition of Summa Manufacturing.

Engagement Process and Outcomes

The Situation – Vickers Industrial, which is one of the world’s largest producers of power and motion control components and systems, desired assistance in approaching targeted acquisition prospects, evaluating the prospects for acquisition or joint venture and selectively endeavoring to acquire the prospects.

Finding the Ideal Target – Brookwood established a dialogue with a number of prospects, including Summa Manufacturing, the largest manufacturer of hydraulic components focused exclusively on the aftermarket. Summa was privately owned and based in Memphis.

Consummating the Transaction – Brookwood assisted in evaluating, structuring and negotiating the acquisition of Summa.