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Thompson Industrial Services

A U.S.-based outsourced provider of industrial cleaning services to Fortune 500 customers in a variety of process industry sectors.

Engagement Goals

Brookwood Associates advised the shareholders of the company on the sale of its industrial cleaning services division to a middle-market private equity firm.

Engagement Process and Outcomes

Effective Positioning – After conducting thorough due diligence, the business was positioned through emphasizing the company’s market leadership, demonstrating the recurring nature of its revenues, communicating a credible growth plan in the face of high capital expenditures, and showcasing the company’s operational strength in fleet management and organizational integration across seven branch office locations.

Strong Marketing, Qualification, and Negotiation Processes – Beginning with a large target list of potential acquirors, Brookwood efficiently contacted and qualified the most attractive candidates to meet with management, resulting in several compelling offers for the division.  Working with management, Brookwood selected the best candidates considering valuation, offer structure, financing, risks to close and cultural fit.  Finally, Brookwood negotiated improvements in the terms of the leading offer and worked closely with the Company and its legal advisor to close.

Result – The transaction exceeded our client’s valuation expectations by a double digit percentage, and also met his desire for a cultural fit with the new owners.