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Owner and operator of 24 Wendy’s franchise units located in the New York tri-state area, mainly in western Connecticut. The company also owned two fee properties of the Wendy’s units.

Engagement Goals

Brookwood was hired by Georgas Partners to sell Grillco, Inc. along with some other related entities.

Engagement Process and Outcomes

Complex Marketing Strategy – Brookwood marketed Grillco with its sister company Florida Apple (an Applebee’s franchisee), but also included detailed information on each entity so that each could be evaluated independently.

Market Search – Brookwood contacted private equity groups and strategic buyers that would be interested in the size and scope of the combined entity and also contacted strategic buyers and some private equity groups that would only be interested in one of the two companies.

Compelling Results – Brookwood successfully sold Grillco, Inc. to another Wendy’s franchisee, quickly closing the transaction within two months of signing the purchase agreement.