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A portfolio company of CGW Southeast Partners, Carlton-Bates is a distributor of industrial electronic and electrical components to the OEM and MRO markets.

Engagement Goals

Carlton-Bates and CGW Southeast Partners determined that outside assistance was needed to jump-start CBC’s acquisition program. Brookwood contacted more than 900 potential targets in three months and the Company closed a significant acquisition nine months later.

Engagement Process and Outcomes

Comprehensive Process – Carlton-Bates was faced with a target universe of more than 3,500 companies. Brookwood assisted the Company in defining the ideal acquisition candidate and identifying the best candidates from this large universe. Brookwood contacted more than 900 potential targets within three months. Brookwood provided Carlton-Bates with insightful weekly updates to keep CBC in touch with the acquisition process.

The Right Target – Brookwood’s broad marketing process allowed Carlton-Bates to find the ideal acquisition target in LADD Industries. Carlton-Bates had not previously identified LADD as a candidate. An international consulting firm hired by CBC stated that the combination of CBC and LADD offered the greatest degree of cross-selling opportunities they had ever seen.

Excellent Long-Term Results – The LADD acquisition was a very significant acquisition in the sustained growth of CBC. CGW Southeast Partners subsequently sold CBC to WESCO for an attractive return on its investment.