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Bob’s Candies

A third-generation, family-owned, candy manufacturing business.

Engagement Goals

Brookwood guided the shareholders of Bob’s Candies through the process of selling the company in the face of mounting challenges for the business.

Engagement Process and Outcomes

Recent History – The third-generation owner significantly increased the value of the company by re-branding a seasonal product that had been sold for more than 50 years.

The Challenge – Despite its successes, the business faced continued challenges from customer concentration, stiff competition, and the need to shift to 100% offshore production. Additionally, shareholders were unwilling to continue taking significant risks.

Effective Positioning – Brookwood conducted significant up-front diligence to assist the company in consolidating financial statements of six entities (three of which were Peso denominated) that had never been consolidated previously. Brookwood analyzed the business and demonstrated significant potential savings available to certain buyers.

Excellent Result – Brookwood’s broad marketing process identified the outlier – a financial buyer with a portfolio company aggressively seeking new candy brands. Brookwood managed a highly successful transaction for the seller, buyer and the future of the Bob’s brand.