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The Brookwood team was helpful on a variety of projects during our ownership of Jen-Coat, including an important divestiture. They did an excellent job on the sale assignment, and I would enthusiastically recommend them to other owners.

Bart McLean, CGW Southeast Partners

Brookwood was instrumental in guiding us through the buyout process and finding the right investment partner.

Jim Kauffman, CEO, Jen-Coat

Brookwood brings tremendous experience and focus to middle market M&A and have consistently exceeded our high expectations for value and client service.

John Weber, CEO, EaglePicher

After selection in a rigorous process, the Brookwood team exceeded our Board’s expectations. Brookwood’s sector experience, senior level attention and underlying bench strength enabled them to understand every element of our business and to identify several growth areas perceived as valuable to potential buyers. They worked hand in hand with our divisional management to produce compelling materials and bulletproof due diligence models. Ultimately, we received multiple offers and a premium price over the intrinsic value of our divisions’ historical performance. I enjoyed working with them.

Tom Dalton, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Premium Brands