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About Brookwood Associates

Our History and Mission

Brookwood Associates was founded in 1989 to provide superior investment banking solutions to middle-market companies. Over the years we have attracted senior bankers with a broad base of investment banking experience from blue chip investment banks, and we have also developed internally a strong group of banking professionals.

Today, we remain independently-owned and our mission has remained the same throughout our history – to serve our clients with unbiased, insightful advice, deep industry sector experience and excellent transaction execution.

Why Brookwood Associates

  • Senior-Level Execution – With more than 150 years of collective experience spanning over $10 billion in transaction volume, Brookwood’s managing directors work hands-on with each client to determine and execute the right investment banking solution.
  • Middle-Market Expertise – Our exclusive focus on middle-market companies gives us exceptional insight into the strategic, valuation and transaction issues that are unique to this market. This expertise includes robust Market Knowledge and access to buyers on a worldwide basis.
  • Superior Performance – Above all, our clients are interested in superior performance. Brookwood has an excellent track record, a long list of satisfied investment banking clients, and a high percentage of engagements involving either repeat clients or assignments which they refer to us.
  • Thoughtful Attention – The combination of hands-on senior-level leadership, deep relevant experience and Commitment to Clients leads to independent, innovative and insightful advice for our clients. These are the key elements that drive our Superior Performance.

Commitment to Clients

  • We treat all inquiries and assignments with the highest standard of confidentiality.
  • We give thoughtful, honest and realistic advice up front. We never over-promise for the purpose of winning mandates.
  • We staff projects with a team of intelligent, personable, well-trained and highly experienced professionals.
  • Our senior professionals remain heavily involved in all aspects of the assignments. We will continue to maintain a very high ratio of Managing Directors to total professional staff.
  • We work on a manageable number of assignments at any one time so we can provide the full benefit of our attention to all of our projects.
  • We conduct comprehensive due diligence, prepare excellent marketing materials and run a thorough process to insure the best achievable outcome for our clients.
  • We always work as our client’s advocate and avoid all conflict situations.
  • We give good advice that is in the long-term interest of our clients, even at the expense of our short-term compensation.
  • Any opinion that we render will reflect the highest quality analysis and judgment, allowing clients who are making difficult decisions to have greater confidence.
  • We understand that our reputation for excellence is our greatest asset, so we will commit all our resources to meeting and exceeding our clients’ objectives.

Market Knowledge

Brookwood clients benefit from our extensive market knowledge. Each of our Managing Directors has been active in the investment banking industry for between 20 and 30 years, and our collective experience over hundreds of transactions is a valuable resource for our clients.

Industry Sector Expertise. Our experienced professionals have deep expertise across a broad range of industry sectors.

Global Reach We have accessed thousands of financial buyers and investors in North America and overseas, and we have completed numerous sell-side advisory engagements with a wide variety of strategic/corporate purchasers worldwide.

Examples of our global reach include:

  • Representing numerous U.S. companies in their acquisitions by European buyers
  • Representing an Asian conglomerate in the divestiture of a U.S. subsidiary
  • Representing European companies in multiple U.S. acquisitions